5 Step Weight Loss Plan
Just dieting is NEVER enough! What it really takes to burn all that fat requires not just action, but a lot of mental toughness and dedication. But mind you, you gotta be real smart with your approach. People come to us with “weight issues” every other day and the following five fundamental strategies are common to what we advise them all the time
1. To cardio or not to cardio….that is the question
Anything that requires strenuous physical activity always tends to get avoided. The kind of lives we live consists of a lot of stress coupled with even more sitting around. Now, before you go and grab a bite for yourself, here’s the tough question to answer. It’s not whether you should be doing cardio or not. That’s a no brainer. The question is, which form of cardio is best suited for you and your mission of losing fat; Traditional, low-intensity, steady-state cardio (popularly known as LISS) or high-intensity interval training (HIIT)?  Although both methods, if applied in the correct manner, lead to their desired goals.
Let’s dissect each method and find out the pros in both!
On one hand, LISS allows you to have an elongated fat-burning  session and therefore more calories burnt over a period of time, after every LISS workout. On the other hand, HIIT gives you, apart from fat loss, other desirable benefits such as a fantastic metabolic rate and cranking up your fat oxidation rate.
Although there is nothing wrong in sticking to just one form of cardio, we advise that you have a combination of both. Start off with a few sets of HIIT and mix it up with LISS or steady-state training. This acts like a jump-start to rapid fat burning while conserving enough energy for a steady state cardio. Not only this, post your HIIT sets, you will be able to better utilize the fat burning capabilities of a LISS workout.
2. All fats are not bad – Choose the healthy fats
The last thing any sane fitness instructor would advise you to do is to give up on eating fat altogether. Your body requires fats to build muscle and strength to recover quicker from your workouts. Reduce the harmful fat intake and concentrate on eating the right mix of fats which is good for your heart as well. So what comprises “good” fats? Well, stick to what is known as polyunsaturated fats (derived from fish and nuts) & monounsaturated fats (derived from peanut butter, olive oil, egg yolks etc.).
CHEAT DAY! We can already imagine your eyes lighting up as your read those two words. On a serious note though, carbs are as essential for your body as protein. It’s ill-advised to put your body through a low-carb or no-carb diet. Why? Because carbs or carbohydrates provide your body with the fuel to go on and keep your engine running.
Low carb diets result in the fall of leptin level in your body. FYI, leptin is another name for the satiety hormone of your body. A drop in leptin levels means that you feel hungrier than usual and we all know what happens after that!
Here’s a trick to planning your “Cheat Days”! We recommend TWO CHEAT DAYS every 10-12 days and plan those cheat days before or after your high intensity work-out sessions. Remember to eat the “good” fats even on your cheat days.
4. Bow down to the Protein Gods!
You’ve heard this before and we can’t stress on it more. Proteins are your best friends. Why?  Just 4 calories per gram son! Also,
·         Keep calories under control. CHECK
·         Feel full for a longer duration. CHECK
·         Rebuild & preserve muscles. CHECK
·         Increase fat-loss and decrease hunger. CHECK CHECK
5. Did we mention WATER? YES. WATER. LOT n LOTS of WATER
Let us lay the smack down on why water is the most under-appreciated best friend you can ever have. It’s one thing to force yourself to not eat and then there’s consuming a glass of water before a meal and consuming around 90 fewer calories from that meal. Naturally. Biologically. You feel fuller, you eat lesser, and it really isn’t rocket science!
Here’s a list of the fantastic influence water has on your body:
·         Smooth as silk metabolism
·         Constant hydration
·         Drink more water, shed more water
·         It’s 60% of your body. You really really need it
I think there has to be a conclusion to this article.  Just ends abruptly. If you can write a couple of lines in conclusion, that would be great.

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