Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training has really gained popularity in recent years and for good reason. The exercise practice is a fantastic way to get fit fast in a whole host of areas. The benefits of HIIT are seemingly endless but here are the top 8:

Bye Bye Belly Fat

HIIT last on average 15-30 minutes depending on the aim and the intensity of the session. However, don’t be fooled by the length of time you spend exercising. Those minutes are filled with rapid bursts of belly blasting movements designed to get your heart racing and the sweat pouring. You can burn as many calories (and more) with HIIT in half an hour as you can spending an hour on the treadmill

Muscle Building

HIIT has been shown time and time again as an effective way to increase muscle mass. Though not as useful as free weights, if you design your time right there’s no reason you can’t build a fantastic body on HIIT.

Heart Healthy

Cardio isn’t the only activity that’ll help keep your heart in tip top shape. In fact, a study[1] in 2006 showed that after only 8 weeks subjects could pedal at the same pace for twice as long. You may feel like your heart is going to jump out of your body but it’s being conditioned and improved to make sure you’re healthy for many years to come.

Minimal Equipment

You only need your body to get in a good HIIT workout. This means it’s perfect for anyone on a budget or not tied down to a single place.

Kick Your Metabolism Into Overdrive

Intense workouts not only burn calories whilst their being done, but for the many hours after, too. HIIT has been shown to have an effect up to 24 hours after the workout has ended.

Keeps You Youthful

HIIT can increase your levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) by up to 450%! This hormone is responsible for slowing down the rate of aging which means you’ll not only look good now, but far into the future.

Mentally Challenging

Workouts shouldn’t be difficult just to lose more weight and get fitter; they also need to be challenging to give your mind a workout. If you can learn to perceviere and reap the rewards this will translate over into the rest of your life such as with work and relationship problems. Sometimes you need to learn when to dig in and push through.

Schedule Friendly

Lastly, but certainly not least, HIIT is easy to fit into your schedule. This means you don’t have to miss out on any events with friends or family because you need to get a workout in. Also, there’s no need to get up especially early to hit the gym before work as you can fit in a HIIT workout at anytime of the day!


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