Circuit Training for Kids!

TribeFit now offer a variety of classes from Kids Boxing, Junior Boxing, Juniors Circuit and TribeFit Teens, catering for children from of age of 5 years up to 15 years.

TribeFit’s circuit classes provide children with a range of different workouts to keep them engaged, motivated and more interested in what they’re doing over a longer period of time.

Introducing kids to any physical activity can be challenging for parents and circuit training can be a fun way to get children involved in physical fitness. Recent studies show that a vast majority of children follow a sedentary lifestyle, with the main culprit being the mobile devices, TV and computer games.

TribeFit’s has recently introduced Kids Classes that help parents overcome such situations!

Unlike a few weight training and cardio workouts,TribeFit’s circuit training classesare more versatile because higher or lower levels of stations can be easily modified depending upon the age of the child.

Studies have shown that regular physical activity increases personal self-esteem & confidence among children which is an important factor that kids need to develop in the growing years and circuit training helps achieve just that. Regular physical activity helps children focus, increases concentration & energy levels at schools, this reduces stress and anxiety levels among children. Children performing regular workouts helps lower mood swings, increases overall body-tone & develop better and more “restful” sleep patterns overtime.

A typical class takes one hour and incorporates a food talk, some warm-ups and coordination games & workouts. Each TribeFit kids class session ensures children leave the class feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Call 800 87423 to register your kids for TribeFit kids classes.

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