TribeFit Trendsetting Gym to Support Sunmarke Teachmeet!

Dubai Marina’s trendiest, hottest and most socially active gym is set to liven up the forthcoming Sunmarke teachmeet to give a wake-up call to teachers and other interested delegates and presenters on Saturday 28th January.

TribeFit trainers will make a special guest appearance to get the event off to an energizing, rejuvenating and replenishing start with a January inspired New Year’s fitness resolution style Saturday morning stretch class lasting just 10 minutes at 10.30am.

As already announced via an extensive range of social media channels, Sunmarke School will be hosting a literacy themed mini-conference, where teachers and others with interests invested in secondary international education and the classroom can come along to share ideas and engage in vibrant discussion (see more info and click through to sign up to attend or present via ).

While the event will principally seek to engage and nurture the teacher soul, it will not neglect the teacher body: “we are bodied minds, as well as minded bodies”! The morning will therefore also conclude with a TribeFit 10 minute shakedown to bring proceedings to a “body smart” close.

TribeFit will also be offering special one-off teacher discounts for prospective gym members on the day. Make sure you carry your New Year’s resolutions through to the end of January and beyond by attending and taking part in what is sure to be a fun-filled occasion!

Dress code update: comfy casual or sporty, suitable for relaxing and taking part in mild stretch exercise.

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