Polar launches at TribeFit

It’s time to train smarter, not harder at TribeFit!

With the help of the new Polar Heart Rate Monitor you can maximise your performance in our club by targeting weight loss, improving fitness and maximising performance – all by tracking your heart rate.

The premise is simple: Strap on your Polar Heart Rate Monitor before any gym workout or group exercise class and get accurate tracking of your work rate and intensity.

For group exercise classes your stats will be displayed live on one of our in-class monitors allowing you to know exactly when to work harder and when to ease off. You can target an exact heart rate percentage to maximise fat loss, improve fitness and maximise performance.

Why not get a group of friends together in a class and compete to see who can work the hardest? There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to give you that extra fire.

At the end of your workout you can see a complete breakdown of your workout and heart rate on the Polar app which is free to download and will sync automatically with your heart rate monitor.

Why waste time targeting the wrong areas? With the help of Polar it’s time to focus on exactly what you want.

Polar is now available at TribeFit. Speak to our staff to learn more about how the Polar Heart Rate Monitor can help you or call 800 TRIBE (87423).


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