Welcome to the new TribeFit blog!

Welcome to the new TribeFit blog!

Tribal Warriors, hello and welcome to your very first post of your Tribal Blog! This is the online version of our monthly newsletter, and you can expect it to keep you informed of all the goings ons in your club.

First and foremost, the Team at TribeFit would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for making our first month at TribeFit so incredibly awesome! It’s no exaggeration to say the club is well and truly pumping and that’s all thanks to you!

We’re well on our way to the Summer months now, some of you are still braving the heat and training outside, but we’re slowly starting to see some of you venture back into the coolness of TribeFit. As always, we have a fantastic team of Trainers and Group Exercise instructors to put you through your paces and make sure you’re on target to SMASH your fitness goals.

See you in the Club! – The team @tribefit

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