Yoga For Weight Loss: 6 Ways To Get Back In Shape

Yoga is known for its fantastic effect on your joints, muscles, and mind. You’ll be relaxed and loose after a session of yoga, whilst fully knowing that you’ve challenged your mind and body. Yet, not many people utilize it for its weight loss benefits. So, if you are a yogi looking to take off a bit of your midline then here are 6 ways you can do so.

1 – Focus on Strengthening Poses

Poses that really challenge your strength will be the ones that use the most muscles and the more muscles that you use then the more calories you’ll be burning. Pick 3 or 4 poses you can’t do yet and focus on the progressions towards doing so. Not only will you tone up but you’ll become more capable, too.

2 – Think about Different Types

Not all yoga is the same. There are far more types than the mainstream flows. In fact, there are certain classes and DVDs now which focus on vigorous activities. The sessions are designed to get you both better at yoga and trimmer at the waist. Ashtanga and Bikram yoga are both good choices

3 – Calm Your Mind

A big hindering factor towards weight loss tends to be overeating and people feeling like they can’t control themselves around food. The meditation aspect of yoga can be used to calm, focus, and align the mind so you’re not stressed. Yoga is a fantastic method for improving the connection between mind and body.

4 – Rejuvenate Your Body

You may feel like you can’t go to other classes or the gym because your body aches and the movements are uncomfortable. Use yoga to target these areas with issues so that you can then complete other activities, too.

5 – Warm Up

You may not have a good warm up routine for the gym but many yoga flows are perfect for getting your blood flowing to all the important muscles. As well as this they’ll help with improving your mobility so you can complete a larger range of motion which is beneficial for strength and reducing your risk of injury.

6 – Improve Your Slumber

Many people don’t realize it but sleep is actually a very important factor in weight loss. Not getting enough sleep can lead to increases in appetite, lower willpower, and a higher chance of eating to boost your energy as well as many hormonal issues which contribute to weight gain. Completing a short yoga flow before bed is a great way to slow down the mind and relax the body to get a longer, higher quality night under the sheets.

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